“Cherie took care of our farm animals for 7years. She and her husband lived on the property. The animals were well looked after.  Even our vet was very impressed with her knowledge and handling of the animals by Cherie. I just wish she was closer now so she could train our new dog!”

Marjie R.


“Cherie is an enthusiastic lover of animals and has extensive experience in working with, training and interacting with a wide array of animals. Through individual personal training sessions, she has assisted me in successfully addressing behavioral problems with a couple of my dogs. Her knowledge of, compassion toward, patience with and understanding of dogs is impressive. She is able to establish an immediate connection with animals and quickly earn their trust and affection. Cherie is also a dependable and energetic professional.”

Sherry Kellett


“Cherie is knowledgeable about animal behavior, and also able to communicate with her human clients exceptionally well. She makes her consultations enjoyable – it becomes a case of humans and pets learning together, leading to a strengthened relationship between them. I love that she uses LIMA (a positive learning system) rather than a punishment-based system. Seeing her in action has helped me become more knowledgeable, too, so that I can more effectively communicate with and help the animals I work with. I highly recommend her as a behavior consultant!”

Kim Kachin Spragg

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