Pet/Farm Sitting Services

My years of professional experience caring for and training a wide variety of animals (exotic and domestic) including 7 years experience as an Estate Manager-caring for an 8,000 square foot home and gardens; a variety of animals- horses, a zonkey, llamas, sheep, goats, chickens, cats and dogs, and my experience as a vet tech, gives you the peace of mind to let you relax (or focus on work) while you’re away from home, knowing your much-loved animals are getting top notch care.


I will care for your animals as if they were my own. Your pets require more that just a quick peek and a check of their food and water. They need loving attention and mental stimulation to keep from being stressed or bored while you’re away. Even on my short visits, I give each animal some personal attention.


I can play with or walk your pets, turnout horses (exercise for additional fee), collect eggs, clean litter boxes and poop scoop your yard. Additional perks-bring in mail, water indoor plants, fill bird feeders, bring trash bin/can out or in, turn lights off and on (if requested).

I am happy to care for “different” pets too! I love parrots, legal exotic animals, reptiles, amphibians, even arachnids and insects!

I am comfortable working with animals with less than perfect behavior. I have experience medicating animals including pilling, injections, giving fluids, bandaging, etc.

I will provide daily telephone, text or email updates. You can even request a video chat with your pet!

Free booking consult (at least 48 hrs. prior) -Complete paperwork, transfer keys, go over instructions, meet pets

Regular pet sitting visit (20-30 minutes)-$30

Extended visit (40-60 minutes)-$40-Best for many pets, small hobby farms

All day visit (6-8 hours)-$100-150-Best if your pet is in the process of being house trained, is a senior or special needs dog or has separation anxiety

Overnight (from 7:00pm-8:00am- time is negotiable) $65/+ $5 holidays

  • More than 2 pets-$70 (negotiable depending on pets)

*$5 each way gas charge outside 20 mile radius. Additional fees may be charged for services provided far outside of regular route area, for administering complicated medications or medications to temperamental pets, watering large amounts of house plants, caring for large groups of animals or other services not normally provided.

Farm Sitting

Basic farm sitting-$35 (20-40 min) Feed, water, light cleaning & check animals

Extended visit-$40 (40-60 min) 1-4 horses. Good for multiple stalled horses needing blanketing, fly masks, supplements, turn-out, etc.

Additional time-$20 each additional hour

Lunch or night check-$25 added to any farm sitting package of two visits a day

*$5 added to fee for holidays-Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years day, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving

Cherie & Belgians

Add-ons per animal-If these items can be done within the booked time frame they are no cost, otherwise:

Gooming $4

Hoof picking $3

Change bandage-$5

New bedding per stall-$5

Milk animals (goat or cow)-$10


Walk dogs (up to 2)-$10

Dog/other species training/behavior modification on overnights-$20

*I am happy to pet sit up to 1 hour away but will have to stay on site and charge for drive time. Call for quote.